Stop sentimental vampires – the Twilight backlash

84 stop_sentimental_vampires_by_FernandoLucas.jpgThe backlash was inevitable. Twilight’s smooth-cheeked smoochy boy-next-door vampires had held sway for too long and people want the real thing back. Real vampires who want to scare the hell out of you then bite you to death, not kiss you and then mope about it afterwards.

Well, I’m good with either sort really. I mean, let’s just take this occasion to post up another picture of Robert Pattinson.. there aren’t enough of him on ShinyShiny are there?
84 robert_pattinson-12209.jpg

But back to the point of the article. An artist called Fernando Lucas is doing his bit to remind us of the true meaning of vampires: fear and death. Up on the top left is a poster by FernandoLucas on DeviantArt, and below is a T-shirt from this same vampire traditionalist, referring to classic vampire horror flick Nosferatu:
84 nosferatu by fernandolucas.jpg

[via BoingBoing]

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