X-oom Media Grabber: software that finds, saves and converts net downloads

373 x-oom.jpgWant to find (legal) downloads more easily? You can buy software for that – X-OOM Media Grabber is a web download engine which aims to make finding free downloads much easier. Enter the name of your favourite band or artist and the program scours the net and downloads anything free, even the latest number one hits. Users can create a personalised digital catalogue full of their favourite artist’s albums, lyrics, video clips, photos and more.

As well as simply downloading videos or audio files, you can change their format as well. The software’s export assistant lets you convert them to a portable format, which you watch when and where you want. This might be the true use of the software, because after all, you not really going to pay £30 for a search engine are you… they’ve got some of them on the internet already..

X-OOM MediaGrabber costs £29.99 from X-oom.com

Anna Leach