Five interesting books about Twitter

Good god, people like to write books about technology. Do you know there are 246 books on about Twitter? (based on results in a books search). There are 399 results on amazon for books about Facebook, 405 books about iPhones and a frankly stunning 848 book results for blackberry. I suspect some of those Blackberry results are about the soft fruit, but anyway, that’s a lot.

Books about phones are often developer’s guides, though there are a few funny ones chucked in there… check out Blackberry Fool, billed as a “comic look at the obsessive Blackberry user”.

It’s the ones about Twitter that interest me. Surely writing a print book about a web service is like dancing about architecture, or however that old saying goes. Anyway, I can’t deny that some of them look quite amusing and that I quite want to read them.
From a rough survey, about of that 246 are mostly about Twitter the rest just reference it. (Judging by whether Twitter is on the cover of the book.) A significant bunch are guides for businesses and marketing companies, Twitter Power: How to Dominate Your Market One Tweet at a Time, for example.

Here are five that look interesting.
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Anna Leach