What do Jesus, daleks & Siamese cats have in common? they're all on awesome cakes

I know cakes aren’t really gadgets. They’re more like foodstuffs, but surely technical masterpieces like these cakes pictured below are worthy of admiration from geeks and normals alike.

This is a Jesus cake. Great for friends who love Jesus. Is eating Jesus cake similar to the sacrament of Holy Communion? Your call… but if you substituted it for a Christmas pudding it would certainly be a novel way to remind you of the true meaning of Christmas.
401 cake 1.jpg

This of course is a cat. A Siamese cat.
401 cake 2.jpg

While we’re on weird cakes… there is some serious geek creativity out there in the cake field. This beautiful dolly-mixture and chocolate dalaek for example.
401 geek cake.jpg

And some detailed piper work from an html-literate cake-decorator.
401 cake 4.jpg

Anna Leach


  • How is this ruder than giant men dressed as an imaginary gift giver that you allow you children to sit on while you take pictures? No sense of humor whatsoever. I bet Jesus could laugh at Himself. Can you look beyond your rigidity and find the humanity that God gave you? Celebrate the gift of laughter and humility this holiday season. And you just might find Jesus…funny!

  • I agree with Janet. How do you dare design Jesus as a cake that would be sliced and served!!!!!

  • That’s so rude! Why do you think it is
    ok to make fun of Jesus Christ?
    What are you, totally insensitive to
    things that are sacred to others?

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