We're interested in: Gravity, the conversation technology bringing forums into 2010

398 gravity.jpgGravity is a web service that aims to make conversations on the internet easier and better. It updates the elderly forum model and is comparable to services like Google Wave and Twitter. Set up by former MySpace execs, Gravity launched into private beta yesterday, and Techcrunch profiled the new service here.

“We built Gravity because we think the web needs more meaningful conversation.” say the founders. “It is our hope that with better conversation technology, everyone can participate in conversations that create permanent knowledge.”

Noble. So what is gravity?

It’s conversation software that aims to group conversations around interest topics rather than social networks. Letting you find and participate in conversations that you are interested in.

The conversation software will be available on gravity.com but also on partners who will be able to pull gravity conversations onto their own websites through API and widgets. Distributed software, as they call it.

The start-up hopes to replace the social graph with an interest graph. Something like this below:
398 interest graph.jpg

Yeah so whether you are interested in pet rat care or android app devolpment you can find the conversations that interest you.

As the CEO tells Techcrunch: “It will connect you not just to people that you already know, but to people that you should know, based on what interests you share.”
Their revenue stream would come from advertising and potentially from linking people up to subject matter expertise.

This is useful chart comparing the service it offers to similar conversation-ennablers: Twitter and Google Wave:
398 gravity comparison.jpg

Are we interested? Yes. Register for an invite to the beta version here..

Anna Leach