The Facial Profiler facebook app finds your photo twin

360 coke.jpgDo you look like your granny? Or a chimpanzee? Facial Profiler, a new facebook app designed by Coke Zero could help you find out.

The premise is that Coke Zero is so like normal Coke that it’s crazy. The app-ad takes the idea of one thing looking like something else and runs with it really far. Using facial recognition technology it scans your facebook profile photo and then matches it up with Coke Zero’s database of photos -to provide you with your photo twin. The database grows each time someone offers up their photo and also improves its matching accuracy as users rate how good they think their match is.

Like in that look-a-like section in Private Eye, look-a-like photo matches can be cruel. Check out the poor guy who gets matched with a gorilla in the video below. And the girl who looks like Michael Jackson.

I have to say, some of these matches are genuinely just weird photo angles. I hardly imagine that the poor girl in the vid would look like Michael Jackson if you saw her properly. Well, I hope not for everybody’s sake.

Anna Leach