Slidz Playlist: an iPhone app that lets you create music videos

We’re not talking high-end award-winning music videos – but Slidz Playlist, an app from Smartphone Technologies lets you create a slide show of images that sychronise with your music. New paid for app Slidz Playlist Pro is a full-featured update to the freebie Slidz Playlist Lite.

310 slidz 3.jpgHow-to:
Add songs from the iTunes on your phone and then choose images from your phone’s photo album or from your Facebook account or from Flickr. The app logs you into facebook, then can pull in whole albums. For example, letting you set “Halloween 09” to the Ghostbusters theme tune.

310 slidz 2.jpgIn the Lite version, there are simple options for editing the slideshow: set how long each image shows for, chose from four types of transitions and choose to either loop the music till the slideshow is over or to loop the pictures till the song is finished. In the pro version – Slidz Pro, you get more effects, you can add starbursts and glitter and sunspots to the pictures and there are 35 different possible photo transitions. You are also able to adapt the visulisations like the starburst by touching the screen so that it moves and changes in time with the music.

Hit play, and watch it. The slideshow version is a nice way to remind yourself of old photos. Though obviously battery intensive.

It’s fun, though crucially I’d like to be able to share my finished slideshow via Facebook or a blog or even just email, and that’s not currently possible.

Slidz Playlist Lite free on iTunes
Slidz Playlist Pro £1.19 upgrade via Lite app

Anna Leach


  • @erica – great – glad to hear it.

    @jess your dog mixes trance on its iphone!
    seriously, didn’t even think of that. think the image is from the app store

  • Yeah… so that first image of the dog is my picture and my dog…. I’m not sure I feel about this…

  • Hi Anna,

    I’m with the PR agency that represents Smartphones Technologies, the company that created Slidz Playlist Pro.

    Funny you should mention the desire to share your finished Slidz slideshows via email and/or other methods with friends. The company has heard that request from other users as well, so that’s something they have in development for a future version/update.

    You’re the first to know! Should make the app even more fun to use. Cheers, e

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