Harman Kardon's cut-glass speakers: play Spotify out of artworks

318 GLA-55 (no reflection)_1.jpgThese top-end speakers from Harman Kardon look and sound stunning. Like an ice-sculpture or some concave-cut diamond these pieces could be display art in themselves. But as you might expect they house a pretty impressive sound system.

They say: “Crisp soundscapes are delivered through the system’s powerful AtlasTM woofers and crystal-clear CMMD tweeters. The GLA-55 speaker system combines art and science to deliver the ultimate audio solution for desktop computers, laptops and portable media players”

On the technical side: the speakers contain Atlas AL and CMMD Transducers. The CMMD drivers provide accurate high frequencies, but are capable of low-frequency extension to four octaves.

Atlas AL drivers on the other hand are capable of nearly 2,5 cm peak-to-peak travel for tight, accurate bass reproduction. Their pairing provides a full, rich frequency response, from the lowest bass to highest highs.

Available from today, the GLA-55 system is not cheap – at all – costing £749.99. It might be cheaper buying some real diamonds to be honest. It’s compatible with desktop computers (all platforms), laptops and MP3 and portable media players.

Here’s a concept sketch of the design by the artist. Looks like some slender-faced daelek with fashionably high cheekbones.
318 Concept artwork 3.jpg

The GLA-55 system has a retail price of £749.99 and can be purchased from Apple in the UK.

Anna Leach