The Toothpaste Dispenser you always wanted

Tired of squeezing toothpaste tubes – day in, day out as part of that unending inevitable daily routine of brushing your teeth?

316 toothpaste dispenser.jpgWell. Gizfever have come up with a gadget which will put paid to the toothpaste squeezing part of that anyway, adding a little innocent fun to the whole procedure. They haven’t got rid of the physical exertion involved entirely… you have to push a
button instead.

As they put it: “push the squeeze button one time to make the toothpaste effluence automatically”

Automatic effluence? Now that’s a result. Sounds like fun at the very least. Gizfever have a good track record in coming up with these slightly demented gadgets which make up for in sheer ridiculousness what they lack in practical value.

Insert the toothpaste tube into the “inlet” so it sits up-ended above the device. You can stick the dispenser to the wall with its adhesive sticker – err, check that with the landlord first – and it’s 9cm by 8 by 4.

$6.99 from Gizfever

Anna Leach