Satski: GPS hits the pistes, with app for skiing and snowboarding

373 satski.jpgYou can get GPS systems for driving and cycling, so it stands to reason that someone would invent a GPS system for skiing, hiking and err.. golfing. (Well, not golfing so much, but the other two).

Satsports do GPS applications and hardware for sports, and they have just released 3 new mobile apps for Windows and Android handsets. They are:
1. Satski: for skiing and snowboarding
2. Pocket Caddy: for golf
3. SatsportsLog: for running, cycling, mountain biking, hiking, walking

What with the chilly onset of winter and thus the skiing season, let’s take a look at Satski, the winter-sports offering. They say:
“This ‘must have’ ski gadget enables skiers to navigate the piste, record their day on the slopes and speed levels all from their pocket.”

Working either on Windows or Android phones Satski is a GPS system which uses ‘real time’ while on the piste to plot user’s routes and guide skiers and boarders of all different levels around the resort, providing an easy to use, interactive piste map.

Key features include:
1. Point-to-point navigation
2. Real-time stats (speed, distance, altitude)
3. Record and replay your tracks
4. Emergency button
5. Resort Info (restaurants, ski hire etc)


Anna Leach

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  • They have just released it for iPhone so I have it now, yeah! They are releasing it for BlackBerry too apparently.

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