Orange launch their app store too

356 orange-logo.jpgThis must be launch-an-app-store week.

Orange actually opened their app store a little while ago, but perhaps the launch of Samsung’s new app store (bada) yesterday got them into the launching spirit, and they consequently launched it again officially yesterday.

The Orange store has more than 5000 apps, games and ringtones to download – some free, some not. The price of apps will be included on the monthly bill for the carrier service, Orange say that makes each individual purchase easier.

Oranges wants to rapidly Through the store front of the Orange app shop, customers will also be able to purchase Java, Android, BlackBerry, Symbian and Windows Mobile applications, depending on their phone.

The operator says that in January, it will start preloading the app store on the Nokia 6700 and Sony Ericsson’s W995 and U100i, before launching it for phones made by Samsung, LG, HTC, Motorola and RIM.


Will the app store bonanza confuse consumers? Since everyone involved with mobile phones seems to be getting in on the app market – a given phone could have up to 3 different app stores: from the handset makers – eg Samsung, from the network provider eg Orange and from the OS-maker such as Symbian. Who chooses which one is the most prominent? How are users supposed to navigate them? Only thing for sure is that apps will get even bigger in 2010.

Anna Leach