iLert: the app that means you don't miss your train stop

396 ilert.jpgAre you prone to falling asleep on the train? Worried about missing your stop? Yes there’s an iPhone app for that. Tell the iLert app where your train stop is and it uses GPS to work out when you’re nearing your destination. Approximately 8 minutes before your phone gives you a gentle vibrating iLert. If the first iLert doesn’t wake you, it has two more that will sound at approximately 4 minutes and 2 minutes, this final iLert will ask your fellow passengers to wake you up for your stop.

I’d love to see the reaction of British passengers on commuter trains to being asked to wake a person up by a mobile phone. There are some great youtube clips in that scenario for definite.

You can even record your own sounds to be used with iLert.. something like “Wake up you fool! Wake up! WAKE! UP!” maybe something like that. Or powerpop.. that always wakes me up.

iLert can also be used if you are going to an unfamiliar station as it saves you the hassle of searching for the station signs which can often be obscure or hard to see at night.

This would be great for buses, where missing a stop is much easier to do. Will it work for buses? I’m looking forward to iLert bus.

Costs £1.79 from the iPhone App store

Anna Leach