Gold phone is Gold: Nokia adds a lot of bling to the 6700

366 Nokia-6700-gold-3.jpgThey’ve put diamonds on iPhones and crystals on Blackberrys, now the Nokia 6700 is getting it’s turn and the 6700 Gold sure lives up to its name. Plated all over in 18 carat gold, this classic phone has got a bling update and will be going on sale early next year.

You can even set the wallpaper to, yes, a gold colour.

The 6700 is known as the “little black dress” of the phone market – a classic piece – according to site Nokia Conversations. It’s got a 5 mega-pixel camera, 3G mobile internet connectivity and 8GB microSD slot, to store those high res pictures on.
So, if you like gold – you’ll like this phone… and may be prepared to shell out the €370 (before tax) that it will cost.

The Gold Edition is expected to go on sale in the first quarter of next year.

366 Nokia-6700-gold-5.jpg

[via NokiaConversations]

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Anna Leach


  • I loved this stylish phone perfect as per my expectations. I guess there’s a certain amount of text they have to fit in and the characters need to be large enough to be suitably visible. I was able to do everything and hide the phone in an instant….

  • Nokia has done it before, with the ‘L Amour’ series, where they introduced the lipstick phone. They also introduced a very expensive mobile phone in the area of 1,500 Euro about a year a go. With all these launches there is bound to be a bunch of hungry buyers – especially women.

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