Lego Camera – perfect for kids and works with real lego!

367 lego-digital-camera_alt1.jpgI’m always a fan of making things out lego. Especially things that actually work like this cute, chunky 3 mega pixel camera.

Okay, 3 megapixels isn’t very impressive when most phones have 4 or 5 megapixel photo resolution… but – and this is a dealmaker for me – the Lego bricks on top and below the camera can actually be built into other lego structures. How great! You can stick little lego men on top of your camera, or build it into a car or a wall.
I say “you” I mean your 8 year-old child of course. Of course.

367 lego 3.jpg

The camera has 4x digital zoom, and a built-in flash. The camera has 128MB capacity, allowing you to store up to 80 photographs, and an LCD screen on the back for viewing them. It’s chunky, colourful and hard-wearing, making it a great present for kids.

The Lego camera runs on rechargeable lithium batteries and photos can be transferred to a computer via the supplied USB cable.
Suitable for 8+

£59.99 from iwantoneofthose

Anna Leach

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