Furniture designed like ice-cream and xylophones: surprisingly cute

The idea of sitting-room furniture designed like an ice-cream sounds a bit out there – would that be a round lump? Or a cone?

But Jellio (strapline: fun by design) have designed a bench based on a ice-cream slider and the result is sweet and retro. Made from solid foam, it’s 48 inches long and would be good for a kids’ playroom. Not cheap though, at $950.You can get matching cupcake stools too.
342 jellio bench.jpg

342 jellio table.jpgThey draw inspiration from other unusual places for some of their other products – look at this coffee table based on a xylophone. Yes, it really does work as well. A bold colourful piece which would add a little fun and colour to a room and also provide something to play Mary’s Little Lamb on.

Ice Cream Bench $950.00 from Jellio
Music Table- $950.00 from Jellio

Anna Leach


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