Italian Vogue do fashion shoot in the style of Twitpic

I don’t really understand fashion shoots. To my limited mind a picture of a woman in a jacket is a picture of a woman in a jacket and all references to 80s TV shows or Chanel’s ’02 collection, or the transience of love is completely lost on me.

One fashion-shoot reference that I did get though was in this month’s Vogue Italia – where a fashion shoot was themed around twitpic. LOLZ!
(Not that I get Vogue Italia, obv, saw it on a blog, didn’t I?)

The photographer – Steven Meisel – cunningly renamed the service meiselpic and I guess the photos are styled to look like off the hoof, real-life shots taken from your mobile phone on a night-out. Obviously with super models in expensive clothes instead of your friends, however. Meisel called the shoot “Feeling” and worked in some of the social networking tradtion of oversharing into the first page, along with a topical reference to swine flu – this guy is down with the kids.

Page one:
343 vogue italia.jpg

Agness Deyn:
343 vogue 1.jpg

and someone just hanging around a tattoo parlour…

343 2.jpg

[via fashioncopious]

Anna Leach