Fed up with tweeting in English? translate tweets to Klingon

How many of your Twitter followers understand Klingon? You can soon find out, by using this helpful Twitter app which translates tweets into that language spoken by the fictional warrior race in Star Trek. It’s called http://tweetinklingon.com/
336 klingon.jpg


Or “Dun” as a Klingon would say.

You can only write 100 characters English, leaving the Klingon-generator a bit of space for all the “ghl” bits which seem to comprise half of the language.

As well as being quite an addictive/annoying web app, it’s all a cunning promotion for a new Star Trek online multiplayer game that’s coming out in January. Will “jIH laH” become a trending topic?

[via Mashable]

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Anna Leach


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