Tell Twitter what you weigh with the Wifi Body Scales

231 withing.jpgDo you think your Twitter followers would appreciate knowing just how much you weigh on a frequent basis? Well now you can tell them with minimal effort. Simply stand on your Wifi-ennabled Body Scales from Withings and it AUTOMATICALLY UPDATES YOUR TWITTER . With your weight.

We reported on this gadget a little while ago – it’s a weighing machine with wifi that sends details of your weight to a connected iPhone app, letting you plot your weight over time on graphs and plan a day’s calorie intakes accordingly.

Now Withings have added social networking to the machine…

Of course you can deactivate this or set it to update daily, weekly or monthly according to how interested you think your followers will be. The tweet will read the users current weight and how many pounds they have left to reach their set goal, and whether they need to lose or gain.

The app sounded like a decent idea, if you’re into the whole weight-watching thing, but the social media integration?? We’re not responsible for any unfollowings, hate-tweets or unflattering listings that may result from you purchasing this product.

129 Euros from Withings

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Anna Leach