The WiFi Body Scales – that tell your phone how much you weigh

66 - wiscale 2.pngIf getting your weight on the dial of the bathroom scales wasn’t bad enough – how about getting it showing up on your iPhone as well? Yes – now you can. It’s all thanks to a wifi-connected weighing machine that sends information about your weight and body mass index to your iPhone and your personal webpage as soon as you step on the scales.

Along with the Wifi Body Scale from Withings you get a (secure) personal page on their website, and can download their free iPhone app WiScale.

It’s not just the figures that turn up on your phone, the WiScale app converts all the readings into graphs so you can see exactly the effect that week in Barcelona had on your body fat ratio. Having this information on your phone may prove to be an effective easy-access deterrent when reaching for the mid-afternoon doughnut.

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Perhaps it’s the equivalent of putting a podgy-day picture on your phone. Or as Withings, the French company behind this ingenious invention, claim:
“transforms a regular bathroom scale into an accurate health monitoring system.”

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Ideally the device will make people a bit more informed and intelligent about what they eat and won’t add anymore to the body image pressures. By being quite scientific and showing change over time, it could be helpful.

It’s always interesting when standard household objects get Wifi impregnated in them – it looks like Withings are the people doing it. I look forward to some more strange wifi-enabled devices from them…

Made in France, it’s available to UK customers too on for 129 euros.

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Anna Leach