Celebrity Twitter Directory, the Book :(

384 twitter directory.jpgYesterday we covered interesting books about Twitter. Today I’ve found what might be the opposite of an interesting book about Twitter. It’s a review of Celebrity Twitter feeds in book form. If such a thing is to exist, it should be a Twitter list with relevant links. Something like this.

Good Tweets may be worth collecting in a book. But celebrity tweets? How can a summarised version of something that isn’t terribly interesting to start with be interesting? And it’s mostly interesting ’cause it’s real-time. And books sure ain’t real-time. Think People! Think!

Though, in the research for this article I stumbled upon Katie Price’s Twitter feed. It is funny. Look:
384 celeb jordan.jpg

Would I like to spend £9.99 on a book summarising this. No.

A £9.99 from Amazon.co.uk

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Anna Leach

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