Nerding Lady Gaga part two: beardy geeks do Pokerface

Can there ever be enough nerdy parodies of Lady Gaga on Youtube? I for one will never get tired of them. After a sweet girl called Molly did an uber nerdy version of Pokerface with some weird complicated and definitely nerdy instrument, a group of boy geeks have done a slick and semi-professional rip-off of the same song.

330 gag comparison.jpg

It’s called Neutra Face : An Ode On A Typeface (A Bearded Poker Face Parody) and my goodness are there beards involved. It’s about a fount or typeface – quite a nice font actually.

Where Gaga rises dripping out of a swimming pool, these beardy young geeks sort of get out of a bath and generally substitute Lady Gaga’s uber-sexed party scenes for office and desk-based scenarios, writhing around on desks and photocopiers, etc.

There are some epic lyrics as well:
– “I’ll lay it out like they do in magazines / check out this typeface it’s like smoking nicotine.”
– “Using Adobe is not the same without a mac” is their version of “Russian Roulette is not the same without a gun”.
– And: ” ’cause I’m hyping with my typing” instead of “’cause I’m bluffing with my muffin”

And the rousing, high-impact chorus goes: “can you read, can you read my NeutraFace?”

You get the gist.

Anna Leach