Android ad tells us: iPhones are stupid and girly

331  and 2.jpgAndroid are getting dirty with their new TV advert for their phone operating system, and we don’t like it very much. Instead of say, advocating the Android app store, the new ‘Droid Does’ advert decided to lay into the market-leading iPhone by characterising it as a silly bimbo.

The ad doesn’t explicitly say “the iPhone” but it’s fairly obvious that’s what it is aiming at. Unlike this other stupid phone, they tell us, the Android is “not a princess, it’s a robot.. A phone that trades hair-do for can-do”.

So since when have iPhones had hairdos guys? Never? Yes “never” would be the correct answer.

Basically they’re characterising the iPhone as stupid and girly.

This is the equivalent of when boys in the playground go “uuuh you’re so girly you don’t kick walls/mush chewing gum into your own hair/put your head in the bin [insert other mindless activity here].”

And you’re like: “Yes. For a reason.”

I hope this slightly retarded advertising tactic backfires on Android’s ass. It’s not going to win them many favours with a female audience that’s for sure.

And returning to the key thrust of the campaign, is the Android really that much faster than iPhone? Um, it’s not been a major factor in the Android phones I’ve looked at. As Mashable say, I guess Android has to do something about the iPhone. But after this ad, Android are also going to have to some about the 50% of electronics consumers that are women, if it wants to claw any goodwill back there.

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Anna Leach


  • The “author” of this post needs to immediately head back to school for a remedial English class. His/her posts are meaningless blather. Take, for example, his/her sentence from the above post, “But after this ad, Android are also going to have to some about the 50%
    of electronics consumers that are women, if it wants to claw any
    goodwill back there.” … What in the “Sam Hill” is all that babble about? It’s total nonsense. Good grief!

  • Thanks for wasting my time – what a stupid article. You chastise Android for poking fun at the iPhone, then state how they don’t explicitly mention it in your next paragraph.

    What exactly are you arguing here? Are your feelings hurt because you own an iPhone or because you’re female?

    They aren’t mocking or excluding females, just the Paris Hilton’s who walk around with iPhone, iPad and dog in their purse on the way to Starbucks. Typically the type of girl the rest of us are sick of hanging around with and hearing about.

    Maybe you and Apple should get together and start some more lawsuits. Hard to figure out where the princess idea comes from isn’t it? I just read they ‘made’ Ellen apologize for hurting their ego recently. Pathetic.

    Apple deserves any mocking, implicit or not. They did it to themselves with their own stupid ads.

    Dirtycat, you’re confused. Please don’t call it fully functionally like Apple claims. You know damn well it isn’t. How are the Flash websites working for ya? Having trouble changing your battery or adding a larger SD card? Better ask your leader Stevie what your options are!

    Droid does, and also does what iPhone won’t. For the record, my old WinMo did what iPhone won’t. Their ads are truthful. Apple could learn a thing or two before they lose half their princesses – er I mean cult followers.

    One thing’s for sure, the girls I hang out with quickly forget about their iCrap and start asking about my HTC Hero when I pull it out.

    Apple’s making more enemies than friends these days. I never used to hate Apple, just didn’t buy their products. These days, I still don’t own any Apple products yet I hate them. Why? Their PR and advertising.

    Apple continues to dish it out and cries every time it comes their direction. Sounds like a princess to me!

  • I think this is appauling. I feel completely excluded from the device being targeted so obviously to men and ostricised from the image they impose on my fully functional and much beloved ‘porcelain’ chick accessory. very sad and quite insulting.

  • I think that its not really aimed at being sexist, more like saying that its saying, its not supposed to be one of those ultra colorful sortof things. That it traded in the super custmoizable color schemes for performance.

  • The Droid ads are very masculine but I think you have Android in your sights rather than Verizon. Look at the HTC Hero with their Sense UI it’s not masculine but very elegant.

  • The Droid ads have always been ultra-masculine, so it’s less sexism and more trying to appeal to that alpha male mentality. That said, Verizon is certainly burning its bridges.

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