Zazew – a social network for aspiring writers

A new social networking site has been set up to help people write books online. Despite the new forms of writing on the internet -blogs etc – books continue to hold sway over people’s minds. As such, this e-Publishing House could be quite successful.

Zazew – set up in Suffolk – is free but there is the understanding that the company will take a cut of the profits from books completed through the site.

The features the site offers: collaborative editing tools, writing feedback forums and opportunities to self-publish, are available elsewhere, but this site brings them together in a social network.
258 zezaw.jpg

“Aspiring writers looking to write on their own, can for the first time get access to a support network, tutorials and the sort of professional feedback previously only available to the privileged few and at significant financial cost.” Says the press release. “For the masses, Zazew is the first step on the road to becoming a successful and published writer”

Authors can simply use it as a private online space to tinker with their work; they can open it up to a selected group of friends for feedback and editing; they can open it up to the whole network for comment or they can actively seek co-authors or collaborators for books they want help with.

It doesn’t have to be novels either: it can be any kind of book including novels, short stories, manuals, research papers, white papers, poetry and other documents.

Works can be sold as eBooks or printed and bound and sold on Amazon. They’re also running their own X-factor for authors competition.

From a browser’s point of view, the site is also interesting for a little read, in that compulsive way that myspace blogs are.

Anna Leach