Swype versus iPhone text challenge

We mentioned new texting technology Swype a couple of days ago. Genius Texting works on touchscreens and simply requires you to slide your finger over the keyboard to write words. Swype claim it’s quicker and more accurate than traditional tap-typing and lets you text at up to 50 words per minute.

Techcrunch lined up the Swype-enabled Samsung Omnia against the iPhone in a Text-Off… watch vid above to see who wins.

Anna Leach

One thought on “Swype versus iPhone text challenge

  • Swype could completely change the way we type on touchscreen smartphones and potentially pose a real challenge to the iPhone. Yet, I am not sure technically how swyping would be faster. But the Swype system allows you to glide your finger around a virtual keyboard moving quickly from letter to letter while it calculates what word you are wanting to input.

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