Why Wii is a girl's best friend

Eighty per cent of female gamers own Wiis, show stats just released by Nintendo. Xbox has 11% of the market and PlayStation 3 has 9% but – with a staggering majority it’s clear that Nintendo PWNs the female games console market.

A quarter of the total number of games console owners in the States are female, that’s 11.7m players.

Take our poll on why you think the Wii is the most female-friendly games console:

@AndreaPetrou: has some insights on the Wii’s appeal to girls:
Because it’s more interactive, makes you feel like you’re doing a bit of exercise and the retro games


“Because we can live out popstar dreams via Guitar hero &try &pretend we do exercise via Wii Fit! However PS is best4singing!!”

@Diggerlisa sez:
I’ve got a Wii and love it. So much more active fun that moving your fingers

Harvest Moon did it for @britl

“Harvest Moon. Sold me on the Wii. I think we like mini-games a bit more too… Smooth Moves is bigger among girls I know.”

Not everyone agrees with Nintendo’s statistics: namely @alasdairf
“no comparable stats for males if only 33% of 33.3m males play Wii there are more male primary Wii users”
and: “lies, damn lies , and statistics … never trust ’em”

@Shinysparkle can’t get her poor head around it – LOL (IRONY)
“All the other consoles are too difficult for my pretty little bimbo head.”

Anna Leach

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