Stocking-fillers for kids – tiny solar-powered gadgets

292 MiniSolarCar_5_640x.jpgA good stocking- filler for the kids, this tiny whizzing car runs on solar-power and scoots at high speed over the floor when you put it under the sun. Its light weight & tiny size, means it can shoot around really quickly when its solar panel gets direct light.

Cute, and seeing how kids – and dogs as a matter of fact – like things that move really quickly this Tiny Solar Power Moon Car could go down well. An opportunity to teach them about the benefits of renewable energy as well? maybe.

Brando are also offering a dancing grasshopper which works along similar lines – sunlight on the solar panel on its back makes it skip and dance.

You won’t have the kids bugging you for batteries… however these gadgets are only going to work for about 3 hours a day over the Christmas holidays as we’re all plunged in seasonal darkness.

Super Tiny Solar Power Moon Car – $9.90 from Brando

Super Tiny Solar Power Skipping Grasshopper – $9.90 from Brando

Anna Leach

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