Save power with USB Eco-button

196 USBEcoButton_1_640.jpgWant to be more eco-conscious about how you use your computer?

Well there’s a USB gadget to help you with that. The USB Eco Button doesn’t allow you to do anything your computer doesn’t already do – I mean – I bet there already is a power off and an energy-saver option on your computer… but the Eco Button just makes the power-save option more visible and so does make it easier for you to save power.

The Eco Button is a green plastic button that lights up. You plug it into your PC and when you press it, it sends your computer into low-power mode.

Brando tells us: your computer can consume a lot of energy when left idle and they claim having a large lit button makes you more likely to remember to switch your computer into low-power state than having to file through a few menu options on your computer.

It comes with software that opens a management window on your screen letting you know how much money and CO2 your ‘button’ is saving you.

Whether that’s gimmicky desk-clutter or a useful aid in your attempt to cut your carbon footprint is up to you.

Only supports Window 2000/XP/ Vista 32bit
USB Eco Button $14.99 from Brando

No more cold lunch with the…. USB lunchbox warmer

Anna Leach