Left 4 Dead 2: how to kill zombies in real life

We snuck a preview of Zombie thwacking game Left 4 Dead 2 last week: Gerald from TechDigest went along, tried out the game and learnt how to kill a zombie with a frying pan.

Left 4 Dead 2 will be in shops from the 20th November, so get ready for another frantic blast of four-player, undead killing first-person madness on its way.

The highly anticipated sequel takes place in the Deep South, where four brand new survivors are battling against the zombie horde. Valve promise three horrific new Special infected foes, the brand new addition of melee weapons, and a refined version of the AI Director that made the original so replayable.

In video below, two terrifying SAS men give practical, real-life tips on overcoming zombies with frying pans : you’ll be glad you watched this when the zombie hordes come.

The game hits shops on November 20. See more on the L4D site.

Anna Leach