No more cold lunch with the…. USB Lunchbox Warmer II

180 - USBLunchboxWarmerII_1_640.jpgFed up eating lunch cold? Or having to trek all the way over to the microwave to warm up last night’s risotto?

Well stop that right now – all you need is your computer and the amazing… USB Lunchbox Warmer (from Brando, a mere $17). Simply plug the USB on the back of the Lunchbox Warmer into your laptop, put your lunchbox inside and wait as it warms up your lunch. Truly, your computer is your best friend.

The two heaters in the lunchbox warmer – at the top and bottom of the thermal bag – are powered by the USB. The thermal bag maintains an inner temperature of up to 50 degrees C. Brando inform us it is compatible with Windows or Macs. Great.

Delighted as I am by the idea of this, I have to say I have a few reservations: one – is this a very efficient way to use energy? (somehow, I don’t think it is)… and two – isn’t keeping food at a warm but not hot temperature a recipe for food poisoning?
Get it and find out…

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Anna Leach


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