Parallels Desktop 5 lets you Pic'n'Mix Operating systems and run Windows on Macs

200 parallels-2.jpgNew software from a little Washington state company could upset computer giants Apple and Microsoft by letting users pick’n’mix their operating systems.

Parallels launch their Parallels Desktop 5 for Mac today – and it allows you to run Windows seamlessly on an Apple Mac computer. Not only can you switch screens from the Mac OS to Windows, you can also use Windows applications alongside Mac apps. And can use Linux as well from the same computer.

“The idea is to let people choose the best and fastest application, regardless of which operating system in runs on”, said Serguei Beloussove, chief executive of Parallels.
It’s not that people won’t want to use Windows anymore but it’s just that with Parallels Desktop, they won’t need to buy a PC to do so. It could worry Microsoft because it makes it easier for PC users to make the switch to Apple – they don’t have to lose all their old software.

Parallels has been selling its Desktop software for a while but the latest version has 70 new features that give users more flexibility and convenience. Now Windows apps are more fully integrated and you can choose how much or little of the Windows interface you want to see.

You can either run Windows in normal full screen mode or set it to “Crystal View” which makes Windows completely disappear into the Mac interface. You can drag and drop files between applications on different operating systems and users can even get Mac-like experiences in Windows apps, such as using Apple’s trackpad gestures to pinch or swipe and rotate within an app, said Stefan Prestele, senior director of consumer marketing at Parallels.

Parallels Desktop 5 for Mac is available from for £59.99

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Anna Leach


  • I think the author is making the point that while Windows users are still purchasing Windows and using Windows apps when using Parallels, it is easy for them to use Mac apps as well. Over time, a one could find oneself spending more and more time using Mac apps instead of Windows apps until one has switched over completely. There isn’t such a tightly integrated experience on the native Windows side yet, so Microsoft could end up losing users to Apple in the long run.

  • I don’t understand what MS is worried about. You still need to buy a licensed copy of Windows on top of the Parallels software. As MS is strictly a software company (at least in regards to computing), I don’t see any reason to be upset.

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