EEWWW of the week: get your phone embedded in your arm

229 digi-tattoo-1.jpgThis is the sort of idea that is a joke until someone actually goes and makes a digital interface that embeds under your skin, allows you to browse the internet on a screen on your arm and gets its power supply from the glucose in your blood.

Called a Digital Tattoo interface and made as a project for the Greener Design Competition, the device is permanently implanted between the skin and muscle in your arm. The interface is visible through the skin like dark marks from a tattoo. You can answer your phone through the device, and a video of your caller comes up, you can browse the internet or just download a picture to sit there, looking like a standard tattoo.

Switch the interface off when you want to appear tattoo-less by pushing a small button on your arm.

The inventor says: “This product is waterproof and powered by pizza.”

The power source is a blood fuel cell. Tubes from the cell are inserted into a vein and an artery and the cell uses glucose in the blood to produce the small electric current needed to power the display.

Way to freak people out. When else are you going to have hairs on your web browsing screen?

I don’t know why I’m pretending to be disgusted, I love this. See all the rest of the gory details in the explanatory pictures below:

229 digi-tattoo-2.jpg

229 digi-tattoo-3.jpg

[via Geekologie]

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  • Brings a whole new meaning to the phrase,’costs and arm and a leg!’. Think i like the idea of never loosing my mobile again tho, but if my arm is stuck somewhere i will struggle to make that emergency call. Maybe the development could be a voice activation option! Star trek here we come, secretly love it too!!

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