Bringing French understated chic to the iPod Dock

220 iDW1 (white background).jpgAdd a little je ne sais quoi to the world of iPod docks, French audio makers YBA have introduced a new docking station for iPod called the iDW1.

Built of aluminium (with no plastic bits) it brings a little gravitas to your iPod and because it contains an Apple Universal connector it’s compatible with iPhone, iPhone 3Gs or Nanos.

Connect to your PC or Mac via the USB and it’s a convenient base for charging and syncing. Connect up to your speakers to play music up loud or to your tv or large screen to watch videos wide screen.

The iDW1 comes with a fully functional remote. The minimalist design ethos behind the dock comes from the famous “Less is more” architect Ludwig Mies Van der Rohe. According to the press release: “all YBA products offer outstanding build quality a use advanced anti-magnetic aluminium”.

Costs £149.00
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Anna Leach