Waterfall's Serio glass loudspeakers: fit on your wall or desk

221 serio.jpgMade of glass and alumninum, the Serio from Waterfall Audio is one of the more unusual looking hi-fi loudspeakers you’re likely to find on sale this Christmas. With a heat-dissipating system called Heatstream patented to Waterfall it is capable of dealing with high levels of power from a compact unit. So it can fit on your bookshelf as well.

Suitable for both hi-fi and AV applications it comes with three mounting options: on-wall, tabletop and stand-mount. It is also available in three body colours: black, white and silver with matching grilles, and we are informed, orange and green ‘fashion’ grilles are also available.

Weighing 1kg each, they have a peak power of 150 watts with recommended amp being 30 to 80 Watts.

£179.00 (single unit) from http://www.waterfallaudio.com/

Anna Leach