Viva Swag – get an avatar with your online shopping

136 viva swag.jpgThis little online fashion site Viva Swag came to our attention recently. I’m not an expert in fashion – leave that to lovely Andrea over on Shiny Style, but what I do like about Viva Swag are the shopping assistant avatars: now that’s a nice touch.

Of course there’s a fine line between cute helpful avatar and annoying little web widget, but I think they’re just treading on the right side.

It’s adding a dash of the Simms into the online shopping experience:

“We overlay the shopping functionality of the site with an amusing world of make believe characters, blogs, and social networking.” as they say – “Our “celebrity” spokespeople roam Viva Swag’s shopping pages, offering up droll remarks and fun facts.”

They do have a cute little gadget shop as well, with its own section avatar, a quiet but serious looking Latino boy called Ric Bolero. He says little cheesy things, but he is handsome. Yes, yes I fancy an avatar.

Viva Swag

Anna Leach


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  • Anna,

    Thanks very much for your kind remarks about our site. We are having fun. This past Thursday we co-hosted a Twitter Party and gave away thousands of dollars of merchandise. Over 3 hours, we fielded about 6,000 tweets and by all acounts, the women had a ball – we did to!

    The next party is October 29th, at #vivaswag on Twitter.

    Also, if you haven’t already done so, check out Our animes blog about their lives in a running soap opera we’ve created.

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