Thinkbroadband gives us advice on mobile broadband

vodafone-dongle.pngIt seems we’re not alone in our quest for mobile broadband clarity.

Independent advice site ThinkBroadband has finally taken the mobile broadband industry reigns and launched a mobile broadband mini site on its main website.

The feature gives first time broadband users advice on mobile broadband and what is does, a list of hints and tips on how to get the best possible coverage and also has a price comparison feature, which tells cuastomers what they are getting for their money.

We also love the coverage map, which goes some way to helping us find what companies give us the best signals in our area.

But it doesn’t end there. Our mobile broadband knights in shining armour are also calling for clearer information on the speeds we actually get, rather than what is claimed. It also wants companies to tell customers what factors can affect the coverage they receive.

Watch this space.

This is really good news for us here at Shiny, especially since my last rant about my own personal mobile broadband experience and the research by Thinkbroadband that we told you about a few weeks ago.

For any non regular readers, the company found that three-quarters of all mobile broadband users were unhappy with the service they received and 60% said their coverage was poor.

Andrea Petrou