Review: Roberts Revival Cath Kidston DAB electric flower limited edition radio

Kath Kidston and Roberts.JPGCath Kidston is well known for her quirky floral styles and is a popular choice for celebrity clothing.

However, it seems she’s not content with just conquering the clothing world, moving into the tech market too. She’s teamed up with radio company Roberts on two occasions now to bring us DAB radio with style and we’ve been lucky to get our mitts on the newest limited edition.

The radio screams Cath Kidston and is adorned with a pink, green, blue and white floral print, making it kitsch yet cool. However, we were a little bit disappointed at the feel of the fabric, which reminds us of a plastic 60s table cloth (although that could be the look the company was going for).

The radio comes with two power options; mains and battery and as it’s so light it would make a great portable option for fashionable picnics or on the beach, we tested out the battery life and after three days of 12 hour shifts, it’s still going strong.

There are rotary tuning and volume controls, which are smooth and easy to turn, and the LCD screen displays the station names clearly, even for those of us who have slightly poor eyesight.

We were able to get a range of DAB stations as well as traditional FM reception and the sound quality is amazing. At full volume it was enough to have our neighbours banging on the walls (yes really) and there was no tinnyness at all.

Along the top, next to the LCD screen is also the Favourite button, which basically does what it says on the tin and lets you save your favourite station. Those of us who can’t decide what to choose also won’t need to panic as the radio also lets you preset up to 12 stations.

There is also an auto tune button for people who are feeling too lazy to manually find the stations they want and if like us, you have fussy neighbours then this little radio gem also has a headphone socket.

This radio has it all style, thoughtfulness and it’s loud and proud, in fact if it was a girl we would be a little bit jealous. It’s definitely a musical must have for tech loving girls who want to add a bit of fashion to their gadgets.

It costs £199 and you can buy it from John Lewis

Look out in the coming weeks for a video review.

Andrea Petrou


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