Mini Cooper USB stick – office toy and sort of useful

139 mini cooper.jpgWe’ve seen a number of novelty USB sticks in our time, but this one is pretty sweet. Remember those dinky little cast-metal toy cars your little brother/you had when you were five? You can get one now, but with a USB stick – so you have an excuse to own it.

Based on the famous Mini Cooper car, the Mini Cooper USB stick comes in different colours or with a snazzy Union Jack design. Minis are 50 years old this year, so it’s a celebratory USB stick, as it were.

The USB flicks out the back and snaps back in when you’re no longer using it. And – eek! – the headlights light up when you have it plugged into the computer.

When the Mini Cooper USB is not plugged into your laptop, you can skid it around your desk, playing toy cars with it, perhaps racing it against your other novelty USB sticks. Your co-workers will love it.

Available from 1gb to 4gb, on for $45
(free international shipping, apparently).

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Anna Leach