Mailtones – new iPhone app lets you customise PUSH notifications

181 mailtones iphone.PNGA new iPhone app lets you set a mailtone for any contact on your phone. Anyone receiving emails with PUSH notification on their iPhone will be able to tell by the sound the phone makes who each email is from. Consequently you can either snatch up phone and start replying or else calmly ignore it and continue stroking the cat and reading Love at First Bite – or whatever you might happen to be doing.

As the app-makers put it: “Until now, iPhone users have been stuck with one very bland incoming email alert tone”. Thanks to app Mailtones – those days are over.

You don’t have to go through all your contacts one by one either – you can set a certain sound for any emails from a particular domain – making it easier to recognise emails from work colleagues or customers. The app can also filter and provide custom tones for messages which include specific words in the Subject line: such as “urgent” or “vampire fiction book club”.

Pretty cool huh? It makes Push notification more targeted and thus more useful so you’re not getting constantly beeped about spam.

Mailtones comes with a collection of 25 tones ranging from bells to horns and buzzers. You can also set the default mail tone to silent, or ignore, and use MailTones to identify high priority people and subjects.

They say: “MailTones is simple to set-up from Gmail, MobileMe and any server which supports “forward a copy” forwarding of email.”

Costs £1.79. More information on

Anna Leach

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  • but, to get this to work, you have to forward a copy of your email to their email servers – i’m sure they claim they don’t read it – but how do you know?

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