iTeufel radio: Bauhaus style radio-alarm and iPod dock

148 iteufel_radio.jpgDon’t say we don’t tell you about retro-styled radios, if the exquisite but pricey Cath Kidston one from John Lewis wasn’t enough, take a look at this little creature on the left. It’s also an iPod dock and speakers and an alarm clock.

Designed in Berlin (always a good sign), the iTeufel claims it is.. “an ideal solution to grumpy mornings and annoying ringtone alarms, letting you wake up to your favourite radio station or DJ.”

Selling points seem to be easy operation and good sound quality, usually reliable with the Teufel brand. It’s AM/FM radio – not digital – but clicking into the iPod brings it up to date.

Faux wood facing and a clunky Bauhaus-y look make it look a bit special too. In that retro way.

The iTeufel Radio is priced at £138 for further information visit

Anna Leach