Attach your iPhone anywhere with the GorrillaMobile case

73 gorrilla mobile.jpgEver wanted to attach your iPhone to a tree? Well now you can. And not just trees… pretty much anything with corners. Gorrillamobile is the technology opening up these possibilities to you and your iPhone. It’s an iPhone case with a flexible tripod attachment.

The bendy wrappable legs of Gorrillamobile allow you to position your phone on pretty much anything and the soft silicone case cradles the precious machine from taking knocks.

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Gorrillamobile would be most useful of course when you have the phone on camera or video function and want to get a shot from a particular angle or perhaps just want the iPhone to film without having to hold the camera.
Joby, the makers, also suggest you can use it for movie-viewing and on-speaker talking.

Gorillamobile comes with two adhesive clips as well, if say, you want to stick your iPhone to the window. Or perhaps to the car dashboard when using it as a GPS device.

The Gorillamobile weighs 130g and is selling for about $40 in the US. It will be available globally by the end of October.



Anna Leach