Make your Wii workout harder with Thrustmaster fitness gadgets

74 thrustmaster.jpgIf there’s anything that would improve your living room surely it’s some large pieces of green plastic from the games accessories manufacturer Thrustmaster.

Though they may look like pieces of a nu-rave S&M bondage kit, these are muscle and fitness enhancing accessories which can combine with your Ninentdo Wii. As the days get chillier, exercising outside gets less appealing and staying in the sitting room with your Wii becomes a more pleasant option… so Thrustmaster has designed their products to maximise the exercise benefits you get from a Wii game.

There are weighted wrist and ankle bands, devices which make you burn that much more energy when you move those particular parts of your body, and a step aerobic riser that makes stepping up and down that much more strenuous.

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In the Elite Fitness Pack there’s also a large exercise mat, an armband holder for your Wii Remote, a neck-strap for your MP3 if you want to listen to music and a leg-strap holder for your Nunchuk.

You will look like a tricked-out ninja with all of that on, but think how toned you’ll be come Spring 2010.

There are different packs of Wii accessories for slightly different Wii games.
All these accessories are available in the 9-piece Elite Fitness Pack and a smaller selection of products in available in the 3-piece Aerobics Pack for the Wii console and Balance Board. See the full range at

Available for £39.99 from

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Anna Leach