D&G team up with Sony Ericcson to produce glittery destination phone the Jalou

163 Jalou_by_DG_frontandside.pngWhat happens when fashion and tech collide? Well you get phones like the Jalou from Dolce & Gabbana and Sony Ericcson coming out this month.

Techies may be more interested in the Sony Ericcson bit, but D&G have contributed 24ct rose gold plating and a swish ad campaign to this lipstick-length clamshell handset.

Some little for-the-ladies features:

– Push a button and the screen turns into a mirror, making your phone a pocket mirror
– Preloaded app WalkMate works as a calorie burn counter, and there’s also a BMI calculator.

There’s also a 3.2 mp camera with view-finder and simple photo-editing software, an Accelerometer and a FM radio. There are built-in email and YouTube apps and a web-brower.

The D&G branded Jalou comes with rose gold plating (omg) but there are three unbranded but more affordable versions in purple, turquoise and black, keeping the Jalou’s distinctive bevelled shape.

Out later this month.

Preorder on Sony Ericsson here
View Jalou specs and films here

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Anna Leach


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