The mobile phone you can drink out of…

52, flask 3.jpgUsually we like to write about gadgets that look simple but are actually clever and do something cool that you wouldn’t have expected: take the ring that is actually a Bluetooth headset.

BUT – on this occasion we saw fit to enlighten you about a gadget (if we can call that) that looks well, like a mobile phone, but is nothing more complicated than a small bottle. (for drinking out of, natch).

Yes the elaborate exterior with buttons, aerial and all the usual mobile phone regalia is a cover for a small metal flask. … and the “aerial” is a small straw-like tube you can drink out of. Instead of topping up with pay-as-you-go mobile credit, you can top it up with say, bourbon, or Sainsbury’s basics gin, you get the idea.

And why?

Read on..

Well it’s a cunningly disguised hip-flask of course, useful for all those occasions you want a hip-flask but don’t want to look like you’ve got a hip-flask.

Teen magazine Platform immediately saw the potential for this piece of technical engineering for drinking in places you’re not supposed to: buses for example, or for simply taking drink into places where you are supposed to shell out for exorbitant drinks instead of bringing your own in secret flasks. Clubs for example.

Those of a rather more sophisticated bent may simply use it as an amusingly shaped hip-flask. We note that finding cunning ways to drink more on the sly are out of sync with the current public health debate about alcohol.

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Anyway, pushing these weighty affairs aside, where the hell do you get it from? They suggest little stalls in New York where it retails for $20, we’ve located a few internet retailers…

£14.99 Just4ugifts – not expensive but we think the exterior looks a bit too much like a hip flask and not enough like a mobile phone. That’s not gonna fool a bouncer.

$10.95 This is more like it – unfortunately from a US retailer Cellphoneflasks– but nonetheless, it looks a lot better and you can get a personalised free engraving on the “screen”, a sort of text message that never goes away. Amazing.

Anna Leach


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