And… we're back!

were back lolcats-missed-u.jpgHello again. Thanks for waiting – Shiny Shiny will be updating once more as of today. We missed you. As we hurtle into mid-August 09, we’ll be there with all the little tech oddments, gadget-news and net culture which we treasure so. And thank you concerned readers, yes, that will definitely include Hello Kitty and vibrators.

I’d also like to welcome new writer Andrea Petrou. Hi Andrea! You’ll be hearing more from this lady soon.

Anna Leach


  • About bloody time,lol.. thought you’d gone bust :( Where’s a lady to find her HK gadgets (that’s to read Hello Kitty, but could equally serve the Hong Kong tag, haha), vibe alerts and co. :D

    WB shinyshiny!

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