Meet Shiny Shiny on Twitter – @ShinyShiny

Twitter ImageShiny Shiny tweets and would like you to follow please.

Some people call Twitter a stream of banalities – of course it is, and that’s why we love it. And when you follow us it’s a stream of ShinyShiny-flavoured banalities.
So… follow us!

Practically an RSS feed, we use our Twitter-stream to post links to all articles, and occasionally little jokes (if I can ever think of any). Including replies, questions, links to good memes and bad videos, and quotations from the Wikipedia entry for ‘geek’ – our twitter is jammed with useful links and trivial comments. The kind Twitter is known and loved for. We also point out nice offers, when kindly PRs suggest them to us.

Plus Shiny Shiny is always interested to hear your feedback and Twitter is a great place to reply to us or suggest something.

If you’re not on Twitter – let us warmly recommend it. Don’t believe anything you read in the press about it being boring. It’s not. It’s sweet bite-sized addictive fun.

Believe it or not the @shinyshiny avatar is a green superwoman with an extra sparkle and a logo that I added in during a fit of ‘creativity’. It just seemed right at the time.



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