Sonicare for kids: Keep your milk teeth in top condition

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It’s never to early to impress good dental habits in ‘lil uns, so why not make them feel just like Mum and Dad with an electric toothbrush of their very own. Forget about gimmicky devices such as Tooth Tunes, these are full on bristling brushes, but with gentler options tailored exclusively fro the younger mouth.

The Philips Sonicare for Kids features two settings- a low power mode for 4+ and a slightly stronger brush for those 7 and up. They work at 40 and 60% (respectively) of the adult versions and also come with removable covers so you can customize the device.

The idea is that you’re purchasing a brush you’ll grow with, thus instilling good brush technique form an early age. This goes some way to explain the £70 price tag- it’s seen as a ‘long term’ investment.

The brush features an ergonomic handle with two small grips, one for the child and one so Mum can hold it with them! There are also two sizes of brush heads, so you can upgrade as you grow older, and each pack comes with both.

£70 in July at Boots

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Zara Rabinowicz

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