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How do you sell a computer to women? Give them a pinikified website with a female friendly name and they’ll be like, totally all over it. Umm yeah. That seemed to be the genius behind the marketing campaign from Dell, who were looking to get women interested in the Dell netbooks.

Feedback on the site hasn’t been as positive as Dell would have hoped (think angry jeering from women who know what a netbook is), and they just re-branded their site AGAIN with slightly less pink graphics (see old version below).

Here’s the original ‘pinker’ version.


Yeah, not a huge amount of difference is it? Despite them having removed sections that talked about calorie counting and diets they still have left up the uber patronizing piece about ‘How to use a netbook’. You can also get tips on how to be greener- which involve five points telling you to recycle, recycle, recycle (hey, that might not be obvious to Della users!)

There’s also a featured artist section which focuses on ‘wimmin’ who designed laptop decals and sleeves as well as the obligatory button that takes you to the products- all in a myriad of women friendly pastel colours.

Honestly. I don’t mind having the option of purchasing a laptop in colours, but when that seems to be the selling point of a device which costs a couple of hundred, it feels pretty insulting. Hey, maybe I should just twirl my hair and buy three netbooks to match every outfit? I think not.

Check Della out here.

[via the Register]

Zara Rabinowicz

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  • I think Dell had done tremendous work for women also…Now have their own product to work out with

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