Top Ten iPod and iPhone cases: from silicon to walnut

If you have the pleasure of being in possession of an iPhone (of any sort) or an iPod, you’ll know that these slender pieces of hardware are expensive and that you really don’t want to break them.

Sometimes those apple products are just too smooth and glossy for their own good. It’s not that hard to imagine its glassy back sliding out of your palm and smashing *shudder* on the cruel ground or simply getting scratched up when you accidentally put it in the same pocket as your keys.

To prevent such disaster scenarios we’ve compiled a quick list of iPhone protectors. Cases come soft or hard, some cushion, some bounce, some simply stop it getting scratched and are really for flaunting your off-beat taste. It all depends on how much bulge room your pocket has, how much wear and tear you think your phone will get, and how much you’re willing to spend.

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