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Me intro picture .jpgOh HAI everyone! I’m Anna, the new editor of Shiny Shiny, tentatively taking the place of the lovely Zara and stepping into a long line of distinguished, witty and knowledgeable Shiny Shiny editors and contributors.

Since I’m also stepping into the radar zone of Shiny Shiny’s distinguished, witty and knowledgeable readers, I thought I’d introduce myself and say that I’d really like to hear about the things that you want to see on the site.

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Me? oh, I’m just an internet-addict who likes playing around with shiny things, whether they glitter, vibrate or just do complicated things with data. (You can probably see from the picture how happy a simple digital camera makes me.) I used to be geeky in a booky way, now I’m geeky in a techie way. When I first got my iPhone I wanted to get it embedded (literally) in my arm because I liked it so much and didn’t want to be separated from it, but, with hindsight, it’s fortunate that that wasn’t medically possible.

But we all know no gadget is perfect and I will be casting an objective, glinty eye over the rich offerings of the tech world to you, the Shiny Shiny reader.

The powers-that-be at Shiny Towers have been thinking of making a few changes on site. So as well as focussing on core Shiny Shiny territory – important gadgets explained accessibly and weird gadgets explained with bewilderment – we want to include software (like mobile apps) and more of the style around geekery, glasses, computer-themed cupcakes & suchlike.

I’d also like to include a little commentary on web culture, tackling pressing questions like: Should you to put whimsical updates in your gmail g-chat status box? (I mean, what if your boss uses gmail too ffs), When it is not okay to say LOL? And the good, the bad and the plain WTF of internet dating.

Any thoughts?
Any thoughts dear readers? What sort of things would you like to see on the pages of Shiny Shiny?

We have a little redesign on the way too… any tips on how we could improve the layout? Should we keep the pink?!?

Do please comment below, email me at [email protected] or chat to us on Twitter – @shinyshiny

Anna x



  • I’d like home page to be less cluttered and less heavy with content which is slow to load. I understand the need to have ads, and many of them, but could they be less heavy, so that I actually WANT to click on the link on my feed reader without having to worry about how long it’s going to need to load? A sfor content, I’d love to have more phone and laptoop reviews, so that I can actually use shiny to guide me through buying my new phone – which I’m trying to do at the moment! But maybe I should go to tech digest for this kind of content? Thanks for the great work

  • I would personally like to see a lot more geek chic! :) just those little budget items i can go out and buy myself to satisfy my gadget craving :)

    and also i agree with the others, the content has been getting updated a little less often :/

  • more gadgets! more posts! I remember when Shiny Shiny used to be updated a few times a day! Nowadays, it only seems to be updated a few times a week. Shiny Shiny is now resigned to google reader instead of checking daily.

    Pink is cool. I mean, this blog is aimed at girls, girls gadgets and tech stuff, but I wouldn’t mind something new. Pink has been around for a long time. A bit old now. And the layout… well, maybe a little reshuffle? Just a little one?

  • Hmm, I hear what you’re saying about pink. Purple, yes better.
    Kristin, lovely ideas on potential gadgets… & branching into the kitchen & office, will definitely take those onboard. And will be keeping content steady over the next few months. Thanks for your support..

    Sarah, one of the many strange facets of internet I found encapsulated in this cartoon: http://bit.ly/S12LC [via @gemmacartwright] – one of *many*.

  • Welcome! Look forward to reading more. I like the “Geek Lifestyle” content ideas especially. (Don’t get me started on internet dating…)

    Yeah, it might be time for the pink to exit the building. What about something a little more neutral?

  • How about more on potential gadgets, not just ones that are out now – so we dont buy the wrong thing a week too soon! colour ebooks, crunch pads, dual screen netbooks, are all good. Plus how about slightly more on the kitchen/office gadgets?

    Pinks OK, but purple is better IMHO :)

    Looking forwards to seeing how things go, have been gutted at the drop off in content lately from my favourite site.

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