Geek Neighbours: Hands on with the Archos 9 and Rat robots


Last week saw Apple dominate the news, so we thought we’d have a fresh new week of weird and wonderful technology goodness. Here’s the best bits from the blogosphere.

-CrunchGear get their hands on a vid of the latest Archos to hit the block, and we’re drooling already…

Coolest Gadgets share with us a funky cordless pivoting vacuum cleaner from Black and Decker. It’s almost enough to make me want to do housework..almost.

A giant rat robot. I guess everyone needs a hobby. The Raw Feed is quite excited about this though, and it’s called Psikharpax .

Chip Chick review Microsoft Office Live, and decide Cloud Computing is the way forward.

-Bonnie Ruberg of Heroine Sheikh is getting married! Yes, I know there is no geek context as she’s going for the white dress and boyfriend in tux-not Darth Vader costume, but we’re soo excited for her!

More news here.

Zara Rabinowicz